Lesson 8

Lesson Eight

Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of Allah.

There are different types of magic or spells, which are as follows:

1. Drinkable magic, which is the most powerful and easiest form. It is placed in the drink or food of the person who is intended to be harmed, and it can only be broken by it leaving the stomach of the victim and then cleansing the place of the magic.

2. Buried magic, which is buried in graves or abandoned places, or under the threshold of the victim’s house. This type can be broken by a stronger command than the command of the sorcerer.

3. Suspended magic, which is hung on trees, surfaces, balconies, and the like. It can be broken like buried magic.

4. Slipper magic, which involves reciting certain similar words with specific rituals. It is mainly used to separate a man from his wife or to bring love between two people.

5. Enchantment magic, which is used by the most powerful sorcerers with specific recitations and specific incense in an empty place, entrusting the servants to do what is intended, such as sending messages, bringing someone or kidnapping them, burning, and even murder, unfortunately.

In general, I say that there is a type of magic that is lower and is used by sorcerers with specific rituals, most of which involve blasphemy and desecration of the Quran, God forbid. There is also earthly magic, which is less harmful and involves using names, spells, and incantations, with certain conditions and entrusting the servants to do what the sorcerer wants.

Magic is disbelief and the sorcerer is an infidel, and there is no doubt about this at all.

*(((( الدرس الثامن  )))*
*السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته*
*للسحر او العمل انواع وهى كالتالى*
*1 : سحر مشروب وهذا اقواه واسهله وهو يتم وضعه فى الشراب او الاكل للانسان المراد اذاه*
*ولا يبطل الا بخروجه من بطن المسحور ثم تطهير مكان السحر*
*2 : سحر مدفون وهو ما يتم دفنه فى المقابر او الاماكن المهجورة او تحت عتبه المسحور وما شابه وهذا يتم ابطاله بأمر اقوى من امر الساحر*
*3 : سحر معلق وهو يتم تعليقه فى الاشجار او الاسطح او الشرفات او غيره وابطاله كما بالمدفون*
*4 : سحر الشبشبه وهو تلاوة بعض الكلمات المتشابهه وبطقوس معينه وغالبيته يستعمل فى ربط الرجل عن زوجته او جلب محبة احد الى الاخر*
*5 : سحر التسليط وهو يستعمله الاقوياء من السحره بتلاوات معينه مع بخور معين فى مكان خالى *بالتوكيل للخدام للقسم بالامر المراد وهو يستعمل لكثير من الامور كأرسال *هواتف او جلب او  خطف او حرق وتصل الامور الى القتل مع الاسف وهو الواقع*
*واجــمــالا اقــــول*
*ان من السحر ما هو سفلى وهو يستعمله الساحر* *بطقوس معينه غالبيتها الكفر وتدنيس القرأن والعياذ بالله*
*ومن السحر الارضى وهو اقل ضررا  وهو عن طريق* *استخدام  الاسماء او العزائم او الاقسام*
*والبخور بشروط معينه مع توكيل خادم القسم بما يريده الساحر*
*ان السحر كفر والساحر كافر وهذا لا جدال فيه اساسا*