Lesson 13 Frequently asked questions about detoxification

Will lemon juice be too acidic for my sensitive stomach?

No, lemon juice becomes alkaline when digested, helping to balance the body’s pH.

Is detoxification safe?

Yes, detoxification has been practiced safely for thousands of years. It is recommended detoxifying for 3 to 10 days, 3 to 4 times a year. Consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance.

Can I detoxify if I have hypoglycemia?

Yes, detoxification can be beneficial for those with hypoglycemia. Use pure maple syrup in the lemon juice mixture and avoid other sweeteners. Fennel Tea is an appetite suppressant can also help regulate blood sugar levels.

How does detoxification affect cellulite?

Detoxification doesn’t directly remove cellulite, but it cleanses the intestines and enhances the body’s waste elimination system, aiding in cellulite reduction. Combining detoxification with honey cupping massage can improve results.

Will I have energy during the cleanse?

As toxins are eliminated, energy levels typically rise. It may take a day or two to feel the effect. If you lack energy, adding more maple syrup to the lemon juice and sipping it throughout the day can help. Reduce physical activity on detoxification days. Also any source electrolytes wil help with the enrgy level

Why is it important to use distilled water?

Distilled water is free from chemicals and bacteria, supporting the cleansing process. Use distilled or pure spring water even after the cleanse. Avoid bottled mineral water, as it may contain heavy metals, and be cautious with high-sodium soft water

Will I experience hunger pains during detoxification?

It’s possible to feel hungry, but drinking the lemon juice mixture more often can help alleviate hunger. The liquid form enters the bloodstream faster, providing essential nutrients. Remember, the body is nourished even without solid food.

Why is it important to use pure maple syrup?

Pure maple syrup provides minerals, vitamins, and energy. It’s a balanced, natural sweetener that doesn’t trigger an insulin response. This makes it suitable for individuals with hypoglycemia, without lowering blood sugar levels.