Lesson 11


Reasons for Spiritual Relapses in Those Who Have Been Treated

We often hear complaints from spiritual patients that they have dealt with many spiritual healers and many legitimate exorcists, but there has been no healing or change in their condition.

Reasons for spiritual relapses in patients:

1. Success from Allah, may He be glorified and exalted. Treatment is from humans, but healing is in the hands of Allah, the Most High.
The “Qareen” – what is the Qareen?
The gateway to the body for all spiritual afflictions.

2. The first assistant that the sorcerer relies on to enter the body of the afflicted.

3. The first responsible for the acts of whispering and representing the role of the Jinn in the body.
Therefore, the sorcerer depends on preparing the Qareen for magic works, based on determining the name of the mother and the name of the person, because the Qareen is always from the mother’s lineage.
Here the main role of the Qareen becomes clear, as the Qareen also plays a main role in falling in love and being afflicted by it.
Here we must differentiate between the reason for the beginning of love, whether it is spiritual or physical love for the patient. After that, there is no harm in the two reasons meeting.
In spiritual love, the role of the Qareen is evident, as spiritual love is the most difficult because the Qareen is considered one of the aspects of love itself, and this image becomes clear when the Qareen is tied to the body by a magical contract.


(Sihr Al-Qareen)

And this does not negate the fact that the Qareen is also the main participant in physical love.

(3- The presence of a contract between the magic servant or the one who appears in the body with the affected person)

And this is one of the most important reasons that affect healing. The existing contract must be terminated and the one appearing in the body must be removed.

-The magic of the magic servant and his binding or one of them.

The magic of the magic servant must be broken first, then he must be removed and his binding must be undone.

-Why is the magic of the magic servant performed?

So that the magic servant does not know the place of the sorcerer where the magic is located.

-To ensure the privacy of the name of the sorcerer and the beneficiary of the magic.

-To ensure the loyalty of the jinn to the work entrusted to him and his remaining under the control of the sorcerer who moves him remotely as he pleases.

-The magic of the servant and his delirium is a place of deception for the reciters and the healers, so the enchanted jinn is more elusive and lying.

-His non-Islam because of his ignorance of religions and the impact of magic does not make him think about the caller if he called him.

-The spiritual appearing must be of the type of the sorcerer jinn.

-The symptoms of being affected by the sorcerer jinn:

(a) Predicting things before they happen and occur, and this happens with some of the enchanted and the possessed. He says to himself that there are risks that may happen soon, and they happen.

(b) Seeing dreams that come true like a dream. And some types of lover jinn do that with the affected person to make him love him and feel special.

(c) The frequent relapse of the patient due to the renewal of magic and food as sleep. So we find that the affected person often dreams that there is someone who feeds him by force or trickery or finds himself making strange food and eating it.

(d) Seeing the affected person himself attending rituals of magic, and the tools of magic in the dream, such as rings, talismans, and animal parts, and he feels as if he is making magic.

(e) Seeing the patient himself in a dream doing strange things. Such as the magicians who dream that they move the furniture in their house with a signal from their finger, or they carry anything they want just by looking at it, it moves or comes to them voluntarily.

(f) The frequent obsession with learning magic, speculation, and reading books on magic.

(g) The patient’s fascination with the jinn of the sorcerer by knowing some of the personal things about some individuals, even in matters that do not concern him.

And some types of love magic, out of malice, make the patient feel that he is special by doing so with the afflicted to make him love it. The patient often experiences setbacks due to the renewal of magic and food in dreams, so we find that the patient often dreams that someone is feeding him by force or trickery or finds himself making strange food and eating it. – Seeing the patient himself performing magic rituals in a dream. – Magic tools in dreams, such as rings, talismans, and animal parts, and feeling as if he is making magic. – Seeing the patient himself doing strange things in a dream. – It is the sorcerers’ ability, such as dreaming that he moves furniture in his house with a finger signal or holds anything he wants just by looking at it, and it moves towards him voluntarily. – Excessive obsession with learning magic, divination, and reading magic books. – The patient’s fascination with the sorcerer Jinn, in that he knows some things about some individuals, and even in matters of treatment, he says this is possessed and that is bewitched. – Magical protections for himself in the body, stealth, deception, and relying on others to assist him. – Strongly affected by magic verses.

Even if the magic did not enter through a magical spell or a magic servant, it can still be caused by a jinn (a supernatural being in Islamic mythology) without the human’s knowledge or involvement. Treating a case of jinn magic in humans can be challenging, as it involves converting the jinn into a magical substance that can be treated through magic spells of concealment to make it invisible. The first step in treatment is to remove the concealment spell and deal with the case directly.

Some humans may be subject to judgments made by jinns, which may seem unfair since humans are favored by Allah over jinns. However, if a human enters the jinn’s world without knowledge or permission, the jinn’s rules apply to the human, as the jinn is considered the host and the human the intruder. Therefore, the judgments of the jinn apply to the human in such cases.

Remote spiritual treatment may be required if the healer is unable to meet the patient or if the healer is not a qualified spiritual healer. The requirements for remote spiritual treatment include having spiritual authority and permission from a qualified spiritual leader who can grant permission to perform spiritual healing. This permission can be granted to a non-heir spiritual person if they have been given permission by an authorized spiritual leader.

The healer must have spiritual authority over the location where the patient resides, or at least have permission to enter the location from the local authorities. They must also be able to summon the possessed entity and bind it to prevent it from entering the patient’s body. Additionally, the healer must have assistance from others to remove the entity from the patient’s body, break any contracts between the patient and the entity, and dissolve any spells or talismans placed by the magician or the entity.

The healer may also require the assistance of skilled warriors to close any magical circles created by the magician to prevent any further possession of the patient’s body. Additionally, the healer must have spiritual authority over any entities attached to the patient or have permission to deal with them, including cleaning them of any spells or placing them under command or invoking their command.

These are the most common issues faced by individuals around the world who complain of being afflicted by supernatural entities.

(((( الدرس الحادي عشر))))
(( اسباب  الانتكاسات الروحانية لمن تم علاجهم ))
– دائما نسمع الشكاوى المرضى الروحانين بانهم تعاملوا مع الكثير من المعالجين الروحانين وكثير من الرقاة الشرعين ولم يحدث شفاء ولا تغير فى الحالة المصابة
(( اسباب الانتكاسات الروحانية للمرضى ))
1-التوفيق من الله سبحانه وتعالى
فالعلاج من البشر ولكن الشفاء بيد الله تعالى
– القرين  فمن هو القرين
بوابة الجسد لكافة الاصابات الروحية
2-المساعد الاول الذى يعتمد عليه الساحر فى دخول جسد المصاب
3-المسئول الاول عن اعمال الوسوسة وتمثيل دور الجن فى الجسد
وبالتالى بعتمد الساحر على تحضير القرين وذلك لاعمال السحر
بناء على تحديد اسم الام واسم الشخص لانه القرين دائما من سلالة الام
وهنا يتضح لنا دور القرين الرئيسى كما ان للقرين دور رئيسى فى العشق والاصابة به
– وهنا يجب التفرقة فى سبب بداية العشق هو عشق روحى ام عشق جسدى
للمصاب وبعد ذلك لايمتنع وجوب اجتماع السببن معا بعد ذلك
حيث ان فى العشق الروحى يظهر دور القرين واضحا حيث بعتبر العشق
الروحى أشد صعوبة لانه القرين يعتبر احد اطراف العشق نفسه
وتنجلى هذه الصورة واضحة عند ربط القرين بالجسد بعقد سحرية
 (سحر القرين)
وهذا لايدفع ان القرين هو المتورط الرئيسى ايضا فى العشق الجسدى
( 3- وجود عقد بين خادم السحر او العارض المتلبس بالجسد مع المصاب )
– وهذا من اهم الاسباب التى تؤثر على الشفاء
ولابد من فسخ العقد الموجود ثم اخراج العاارض المتلبس بالجسد
-سحر خادم السحر وربطه او احدهما
ويجب فك سحر خادم السحر اولا ثم اخراجه وفك ربطه
-لماذا يتم سحر خادم السحر؟
حتى لا يعرف خادم السحر مكان الساحر مكان السحر
– لضمان خصوصية اسم الساحر والمستفيد من السحر .
– لضمان ولاء الجنى لعمله الموكل به وبقائه تحت قبضة الساحر يحركه عن بعد كيفما شاء .
 -سحر الخادم وهذيانه موضع تلبيس على الرقاة والمعالجين ،
 فتجد الجنى المسحور أكثر مراوغة وكذباً .
 -عدم إسلامه لجهله بالأديان وتأثير السحر لايجعله يفكر فى دعوة الداعى إذا دعاه .
– ان يكون العارض الروحانى من نوعية الجن الساحر
*-  اعراض الاصابة بالجن الساحر
( ا-التنبأ بالاشياء قبل وقوعها وتحدث
وهذا يحدث مع بعض المسحورين والممسوسين
يقول اجد فى نفسى مخاطرات انه قد يحدث قريبا كذا وكذا فيحدث..
– رؤية احلام وتتحقق كمابالحلم
وبعض انواع المس العاشق من خبثه يفعل ذلك مع المصاب
ليحببه فيه ليشعره أنه مميزاً..
 – كثرة الأنتكاس للمريض
بسبب تجديد السحروالاطعام مناماً
،فنجد أن المصاب كثيرا ما يحلم أن هناك من يطعمه عنوة او بالحيلة
 او يجد نفسه يصنع طعاما غريبا ويتناوله
– رؤية المصاب نفسه يحضر طقوس للسحر
– وأدوات السحر فى المنام مثل خواتيم وطلاسم واجزاء حيوان
ويشعر كانه يصنع اسحاراً.. -رؤيةالمريض نفسه فى المنام يفعل امور عجيبه
– من شأن السحرة مثل ان يحلم انه يحرك الاثاث فى منزله باشارة من أصبعه
– او يحمل اى شىء يريده بعينه بمجرد النظر اليه بعينه يحركه او يأتى اليه طواعية..
– كثرة الوسوسة بتعلم السحر والتكهن وقراءة كتب السحر
– افتتان المريض بالجن الساحر بان يعرفه بعض الاشياء الخاصه ببعض الافراد
ولو فى امور العلاج كان يقوله هذا ممسوس وذاك مسحور..
– التدريعات السحريه لنفسه
فى الجسد والتخفى والمكر والاستعانه بغيره من الخدام ليعاونه..
– التاثر بايات السحر بشدة
حتى وان لم يكن قد دخل عن طريق سحر او خادم سحر.
– ان يكون السحر من الجن اى لايكون للانس دخل به
وتتمثل صعوبة علاج الحالة المصابة بسحر الجن للانس
هو تحويل الجن للمادة السحرية الخاصة بالسحر الى مادة خفية
وذلك من خلال عمل سحر اخفاء للمادة السحرية
وبديهى ان اولى خطوات العلاج هو فك سحر الاخفاء والتعامل مع الحالة
-وجود بعض الاحكام على الانس من قبل الجن
كيف للجن الحكم على الانس وقد فضل الله الانس على الجن
فكيف للادنى الحكم على من هو اعلى منه؟
اذا دخل الانس الى عالم الجن بلا علم او حكم وان الحكم الا لله
طبق على الانس احكام عالم الجن لان الجن فى هذه الحالة صاحب البيت
والانسى يعتبر دخيل ومتطفل فوجب وقوع الاحكام عليه
– عدم تمكن المعالج او انه فى الاصل ليس معالج)
–  متطلبات  العلاج الروحانى عن بعد
-ان تكون صاحب حكم روحانى واذن روحانى
من خلال كونك شيخ وارث ولك حكم وميثاق وعهد من خلال اعطائك اذن روحانى
 من شيخ روحانى وارث فى حال تكون روحانى ليس وارث
-ان تكون صاحب حكم على عمار مكان الحاله
او على الاقل اذن دخول من حكام المكان وعماره
– القدرة على استحضار العارض على الجسد وسلسلته
-لابد يكون معك خدمة من شان سحب العارض يالى بالجسد
-لابد يكون لك حكم لفك وفسخ العقود التى بين الحاله والعارض
من عقد زواج او عقد معاشره او صلح
ولفك الطلاسم والاختام الموضوعه من قبل الساحر والعارض
( 6-لابد يكون معك خدمة سيافه ومحاربين )
 لقفل الدوائر الوضوعة على الحاله لغلق جسد الحاله لمنع دخول  او عارض للجسد
-لابد يكون لك حكم على القرناء او اذن بالتعامل معهم
من شان تنظيف القرين من اى سحر به او توكيل عليه او توكيله هو يالسحر
،،هذه الامور التي يشتكي منها اغلب الحالات حول العالم ،،،